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we’re excited to introduce: The Data School.

Why is this exciting?

In two words the Data School’s goal is “data democratization”.

We believe that everyone in the company should be empowered to make data-informed decisions.

Knowing how to work with data increases your chances to make your ideas happen, make an impact and make better decisions regardless of your current job description.

In the Data School course, you’ll learn how to get answers regarding our users’ behavior using data.


Empowering everyone in the company to get data-informed decisions.


Build a hypothesis, investigating data, A/B test analysis, qualitative research, defining KPI.

How will it work

There are no teachers nor students, We’re all working together.

The course will be made of - 10 workshops, 3 hours each

We’ll work in small groups


  1. From intuitions to insights

  2. Off the shelf Tools

  3. Hypothesis & KPIs

  4. Basic SQL

  5. Advanced SQL

  6. Data storytelling

  7. A/B Tests

  8. User interview

  9. Usability Tests

  10. The Kickoff

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